NRLA webinar | Property Auctions - "Tricks of the Trade"

This webinar was filmed on the 08/07/2020. In case you missed it or would like to listen again, we have prepared a recording for you to watch below.

Understanding the Insider Secrets and legal pitfalls of the Auction Industry while improving due diligence and valuation skills are vital as is the ability to professionally assess and manage building costs.

Misleading guide prices, and poor disclosure are common - so we explore a strategy to counteract this with advanced due diligence techniques.

We also discuss the wider investment market and why the property market may not be behaving rationally giving the current economic climate.

  • How experts undertake valuations and due diligence; and how to find data not available on the Land Registry.
  • 5 key questions most property traders answer before bidding.
  • Finding hidden building defects and how to professionally manage and assess refurbishment costs.
  • Understanding the Legal Pack, and the 'Special Conditions', plus other common legal pitfalls.

How the Major House Builders accurately estimate building works; and how you can avoid poor workmanship, cost overruns, and builders' sharp practice.

Presented by Henry Davis MBA a property trader of over 30 years and NRLA trainer who has completed hundreds of deals, with Keira Guiton Rawden, a consultant solicitor specialising in auction conveyancing.

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