If you are looking to recover any losses in rent from past or present tenants, Helpland can assist you.

There are a few different methods for recovering rent owed when regular rent recovery methods were ineffective.

These methods include:

  • Third Party Debt
    • Debt collection performed by someone outside of the initial transaction or contract
  • 7 Day Demand
    • A letter drafted by a lawyer demanding payment within the fixed period of seven days
  • Statutory Demand
    • As the creditor, you can make this demand without involving a lawyer, giving your tenant 21 days to either pay their rent arrears or reach an agreement to pay. If your tenant fails to respond within the stated period, you may be entitled to apply for your tenant's bankruptcy.
  • Ground Rent
    • Referring to recovery of Ground Rent using a rent recovery collection service

At Helpland we understand that each household situation can be different from the other and one service might not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, we aim to offer a more personalised service by asking you for the additional information needed to help us tailor solutions to your particular rent recovery circumstance.

Key services:

  • Fully automated online system
  • Online case tracking facility
  • Telephone support line
  • Fixed Price solution under normal circumstances*
  • Personalised service

Member offers:

  • Discounted rates to NRLA Members